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November 23, 2022

Are Skylights the Right Choice for You?

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There is no better time than when planning a renovation to seriously consider adding a skylight… or two to your room.

Skylights are a great addition to bathrooms and laundries for a number of reasons. Of course, skylights are also suitable for many rooms in the home but for the purposes of this blog, we will talk about these wetrooms in particular. You only need to watch a series of “The Block” to see how and where skylights are being installed in homes these days. Some could argue that they are overused at times, I mean how many skylights does one home really need?

As a rule of thumb, bathrooms and laundries are commonly found on the same side of the home. And in most cases, they are located on the side of the home that attracts the least natural light. Most homes are designed with the main living areas in a position that will attract the most direct sunlight and have the best outlook. While there are some bathrooms that are located in the centre of the home with no windows at all.

We have renovated many homes where the existing window in the bathroom is relatively ineffective. They are small, they don’t let in much light and generally are obscure so don’t provide any view at all.

Unless you live on a large property you wouldn’t want to see out the window or allow anyone to see in.

Benefits of installing skylights

Some other benefits that are often talked about are things such as reduced energy bills and improved health. It is reported that energy bills can be reduced by less need to turn on artificial lights, also as there is some warmth from winter sun it can reduce the need for additional heating. There have been articles written that discuss the health benefits such as improved mood, less anxiety and so on. Whilst I’m sure all these are valid points and quite true we don’t generally find that they are the reason our clients are choosing to add skylights to their renovation but still important to mention.

Different types of skylights

For the purposes of this article, we will talk about the most used skylights. Of course, there are also other varieties such as roof windows and ventilation systems.

Common skylights come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are options suitable for both flat and pitched roofs, and come with flashings suitable for installation on tiles or corrugated iron. They are double-glazed and provide up to 80% radiant heat block.

Skylights are available as fixed (non-opening), manual opening, electric opening and solar-powered openings. Non-fixed options are fitted with insect screens and all types of skylights have the option of adding honeycomb, block out or solar blinds.

Another option is a solatube or sun tunnel skylight. These are a great alternative if traditional skylights aren’t possible due to installation restrictions, budget or for any reason. Whilst they don’t provide a view of the sky like other skylights, they are easy to install and still provide some additional natural light to a dark space.

In summary

We definitely think that if your budget allows, and installation is possible then skylights are well worth considering.

We don’t think you would be disappointed with the outcome!

We have recently completed a project that displays exactly why installing skylights can bring another dimension to your new bathroom - see the before and after below:



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